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Garage maintenance is often overlooked, but regular maintenance should be part of the routine. We offer the highest-quality service for garage doors including repairreplacement, & installation. Garage doors that are neglected can cause a lot of stress and worsen the problem. Prevent yourself the hassle and stress, Save our contact for convenience!  Because A well-maintained, well-tuned garage door is peace at mind. Our services cover Residential Garage Door Repair, Commercial Garage Door Repair, Garage Door Installation, and door openers

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-Clear your garage door’s tracks

-Tighten Hardware

-Inspect / replace rollers

-Fix cables or pulleys

-Lubricate the moving Parts

-Test the door balance

Emergency garage door repair available, Quality service and repairs

and much more!

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As a leading garage door service & repair company. we strive for our Palm Desert customer’s complete satisfaction. Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians are dedicated to customer service and treating your garage door as if it were our own. No matter the garage door service or fix you are in need of, you can be confident that we will be able to fix your garage door. Our vast expertise on various types of brands, styles, sizes, and parts of garages and operators, will place your garage door service in good hands.

Our services are not limited to just maintenance, we also offer garage door installations.

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Being one of the main hubs in Southern California, Palm Desert takes pride in its’ lots and plots of land. Secure and increase the value of your home with garage door services and let our team take care of the repairs. Our garage door service specialists will go the extra mile to know that you and your home are taken care of efficiently.

. We strive to provide you and your home with the highest quality of service. As our past customers will attest to, we are a highly respectable and reliable company. When it comes to garage door service and repairs. We know how frustrating a garage door that needs to be fixed is!  Our professionals will answer any questions that you may have and guide you through your service or repair.

Trust a Reliable Garage Door Service & Repair Company! We have the knowledge of the latest in garage door technology, Our Company is Licensed, Bonded, Certified, and Insured. Call us today


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 Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door spring replacement takes care and focuses when attending to these needs in residential garage doors. Our service technicians are specially trained and equipped to handle replacing garage door springs safely. Use and maintenance of your garage door can predict the life of your springs. The important role that the springs have in the performance of the garage door involve handling the entire weight of the door upon opening it. Many people do not realize the important role that the springs have in opening the garage door.

Spring Types, When Springs Break, and Spring Safety

You may not be familiar with garage door spring issues, unless it is something that you have dealt with before. Without being familiar, you may not know how they work, reasons for them to break, or how to be safe when they do break. Many unnecessary injuries and damages to garage doors happen due to people trying to repair these springs on their own. Let our garage door spring replacement specialists put our knowledge to work for you.

There area several types of springs, but two main categories that can help you understand garage door springs better:

Torsion Springs

With the use of torque, these springs, located above the garage door opening, with coil when the door is either opened using a motor or by hand. The type of torsion spring would depend upon the size, weight and height of the garage door, among other components.

Extension Springs

By applying force using a motor or by hand, these springs extend to provide an offset to balance out the door to keep it open. This is the most common type of spring used and is often paired with cables for safety.

Springs usually have a lifetime of 10,000 cycles, with proper use and maintenance. Having an understanding of garage door springs and why they could break, could help keep you safe and prevent you from having unnecessary repairs. This could also increase the longevity of your springs to their intended lifetime use. Our trained garage door spring replacement and repair technicians will treat your spring replacement or repair with care and leave you satisfied.

Emergency Spring & Cable Replacement & Repair Services

Broken garage door springs are comparable to broken garage door cables. These types of repairs should be taken care of immediately and not ignored. Being in need of this repair can cause problems opening and closing your garage door and can leave your garage door susceptible to other damage, leading to more cost in repairs. Entrusting our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians with your garage door spring and/ or cable repair can help prevent injuries and other repairs from being needed. We are here for your garage door spring and/ or cable repair.

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Garage door springs break when you least expect them to. Allow us to be there for your garage door spring replacement and repairs. Call us today for your garage door spring repair or replacement.

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