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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

 An off-track garage door could be caused by a broken cable or obstruction in the railing. Regardless, an off-track garage
door is a serious and potentially dangerous problem. For the sake of safety, a professional should be contacted to handle
this problem. Give us a call and a Sears technician can be dispatched to reset the track and rollers.

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

 Often experiencing great strain and temperature fluctuations throughout the year, garage door springs are a common cause of garage
door malfunctions. Our professionals are experts at handling broken springs. Schedule an appointment with one of our service
representatives and we can have your springs repaired quickly and effectively.

Garage Door Tune Up & Maintenance

 With over 300 independently moving parts, your garage door is a deceptively complex piece of equipment. To help prevent malfunctions and
break-downs, it is a good idea to occasionally perform a garage door tune-up to keep all of these parts in good working order.A regular tune-up service by a our professional can prevent unexpected door problems and prolong the life of your existing equipment.

We fix broken garage door springs.

Don’t get stuck. Call us today to repair your garage door.

When your driveway gate stops working you can count on us to give you a professional repair. Call (805) 250-9954

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We Fix All Garage Door Problems. Our technicians are ready to service your garage door. Satisfaction guarantee 


✔ Stuck garge doors
✔ Non working remotes
✔ Broken garage belt drive or chains
✔ Damaged garage doo rollers
✔ Faulty garage sensors
✔ Unstable garage door tracks
✔ Wobbling or unstable garage door
✔ Slow opening or closing garage door gate
✔ Smart or remote access repair

✔ Garage door opener replacement and repair


Garage door repairs and parts replacements. High quality and durable parts.
A broken garage door are often the results of years of wear on your door mechanisms or the unexpected break of your door or door opener hardware. regardless of the cause, a bad garage door will seriously have an effect on your schedule and your garage security.

our garage repair technicians are quick, with same-day, emergency repairs obtainable in most areas. we will replace garage door broken springs, rollers, cables, hinges, sensors and weather seals. we will additionally change garage door tracks and is derived to create sure your door operates smoothly. Having issues along with your garage door opener? we will repair or replace that too.

Superior customer service and dependable.
Our technicians are specially trained to handle a range of garage brands, styles, and configurations. once arriving at your home, a Sears technician will diagnose the matter and walk you thru the choices for fixing it. Next, the technician can build any necessary changes or replace broken elements to confirm the door may be operational all over again. we have a tendency to forever try to complete repairs the identical day of service, and your satisfaction is secured. Our representatives are standing by for your decision and are happy discuss evaluation choices.

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