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We offer expert driveway gate repair and work with all brands, styles, and models! This includes swing gates, sliding gates, electric gates, single motor gates, dual motor gates, up-hill gates, over-head gates and more!


The type of repair you need, often depends on the specific kind of gate you have. Below is a basic description of the most common gates installed:


Swing gates- Swing gates are available as single or double (bi-parting). A single swing gate is the most economical and easiest to install of all gate systems. This also holds true for the automation on single swing gates. Single swing gates have a practical limited width of about 16′. Gates wider than 16′ do exist and gate operators are available to handle 20′ wide gates. Bi-parting swing gates are considered the most elegant entryways. Bi-parting gates can be much larger; up to 32′. Commonly, most gates are between 12’- 24’ in width. Swing Gates feature a hinged opening motion that is stationary at one end and swings open or closed on the other end. A swing driveway gate is typically the most effective gate.


Sliding gates- Much like installation of a swing gate, where you simply mount your gate to the posts, bolting on your rollers at your desired height off the ground, and slide the gate into place. It’s an ideal method for there is little friction. Gates that run on a track installed on the ground are frequently chosen for their straightforward path.


Single Motor Gates- Single motor gates are often cost effective and chosen for the affordable but effectiveness of getting the job done. Single Motor Gates come in a variety of styles, most often swing and sliding gates. The gates are securely mounted to stout posts that are set in concrete and buried deep into the ground. Gates, specifically swing gates, can also be mounted to brick pillars or stone columns. The automatic opener is bolted to the gate and post, and then often connected to a buried 120-volt electrical cable.


Dual Motor Gates- Dual motor gates are often considered the most elegant entryways as they have twice the moving parts, and are symmetrical. Dual Motor gates can be practical for larger driveway entries; up to 32′. Commonly, most gates are between 12’- 24’ in width. Dual motor gates feature a hinged opening motion that is stationary at one end and swings open or closed on the other end.


Up-hill gates- Gates can swing into a hill or grade under certain conditions. The grade elevation should be 1″ or less per foot. An uphill hinge can be installed which allows the gate to rise as it opens. There are two caveats to this type of installation. The first being the bottom of the gate pushes out a few inches (depending on severity of grade) in the open position. The other is that the gate operator must be equipped with a ball joint arm. You can only use swing arm operators for an uphill swing installation and many manufactures offer this type of arm as an option. In many situations, bi-parting gates are advised for an uphill installation because each leaf is shorter and therefore may not need to rise, or need less of a rise.


Over-Head Gates- Over-head gates are used to maximize space without compromising security. They are typically used to control vehicle access control to a parking garage. The over-head gates tilt up to completely clear of the opening and are visible by drivers during their entire operation — eliminating costly damage to both the doors and vehicles.


Electric gates- Electric gates provide curb appeal. A well-designed gate can go a long way toward attracting the eye of any prospective buyer or that neighbor you want to show off to. It gives the feel of exclusivity and importance. When properly installed and maintained, an electric gate can improve the look of your home and even add value to your property.


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